The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Military Service is KILLING us!

You may remember the passing of my friend and Shipmate, Master Chief William "Vern" Van Matre.  He recently died of a rapid progressing cancer that killed him in a matter of a few days after being detected.   This week, I have been thinking a lot about that death and I remembered that Master Chief Tim Melody, another Navy MK 10 Launcher technician, died of cancer.

 I am sure there are other Navy Gunner's Mates that worked in the Special Weapons areas that have died of cancer.   Two things all of them have in common is;  They all worked in a confined spaces containing "Special Weapons" and they all worked with, took baths in, inhaled, and swallowed, Mil-F-17111 containing trycresylphosphate!! (TCP)

Now, TCP is a known cancer causing agent.  And it is also neurotoxic.  So, I deduced that their deaths ARE  SERVICE RELATED!!

I do not know if either of my friends were receiving VA compensation.  But, I do know they should have been.  The Gunner's Mates of the United States Navy, that served before 1990, are being killed by the chemicals and radiation they were exposed too, without safety clothing or respirators warnings, for their entire service duration!

If you are a retired or honorably discharged, Navy Gunner's Mate and you have any skin, respiratory, cancer, memory, or any other neurological or physical issues, PLEASE contact the VA.  We need to flood the VA system with information and disability requests to get this service related disability recognized.  This is how the VA finally recognized Agent Orange issues!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are you old enough to remember the Soviet Union? THERE BACK!!!!

I told you this was going to happen, but many of you said I was crazy!!  Well, I may be, but I was right!  Comrade Putin has rebuilt the Bear's Military might!   And, he is outsourcing it to anyone who wants to join him.

Today, he had an Emir of some sand nation in Moscow selling him advanced military hardware.  At what price, LOYALTY to Mother Russia!!   History is repeating itself because we refused to LEARN from it!!  Shame on us!

And, Comrade Putin has rebuilt the Axis of Evil!!  Russia, China, and North Korea have banded together to take over the world!  Russia is taking over Europe.  China is taking over the Pacific and North Korea is ready to take back South Korea and anything else they want.  Who will stop them?  No us, that's for sure.

And where are we?  Sitting here naked with a depleted military and a bunch of fat computer geeks that cannot walk a mile well enough fight a war.  Are you old enough to remember the JFK's in school?  If we implemented that now, we would be sued by every liberal lawyer in the country!

Our Navy is the smallest and weakest since before World War One!!   We are decommissioning two Combat Divisions.  The Air Force no longer maintains the Nuclear Triad as they did in the Cold War.  We have no deterrent to the Evil Empire.

Please read the news from the alternate providers.  Or, at least DRUDGE.  Thins are much, much worse that Good Morning America will tell you.  Thanks to the Progressive Socialists in both National Parties, we have sold our freedom for pennies on the dollar and those Progressives have profited from that sale.

Pleas, if you don't agree with me, do your own research.  Then you WILL agree with me.  I am sure of that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Memories of great leaders, with a new addition!

I recently got back in contact with an old Shipmate.  He was the Executive Officer on the USS Stein (FF 1065) during my second tour on that ship.  We deployed to WestPac right after I reported aboard.  I was not intending to re-enlist at that time due to my issues with the "Chief's Test" when I was at Great Lakes. (See an early post on this)

The XO was one of those Leaders that got the best out of people.  I wanted to do my best, regardless of my career intentions and he used that to change my mind.  He had some great sayings.  They were not just things he said, but his rules for Navy life!

For instance, he would say:  "If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong!  This Navy stuff is supposed to be fun!"  And he was right.  He could make unreps fun!  He also believed in the abilities of his Enlisted Personnel.  This was the late 1970's and times were tough in the Navy and all of the Military.  Pay was paltry!  There was little money for repair parts.  People were not staying Navy and the ones that did were not the best people, Officer or Enlisted.  Yes, some GREAT people stayed because of their commitment to the Navy and our Country.  But, that was not the norm at that time.

So, our XO encouraged Enlisted Personnel to stand Junior Officer of the Deck underway!!    When the Enlisted Surface Warfare Program was first introduced, he was urging us to qualify.

I remember when we were pulling into Karachi Pakistan, he had me called to his state room.  He asked me if I was going on Liberty in Karachi.   I said, absolutely not.  He said god.  Now this was 1978 and before most of the Islamic Terrorist issues.  But, the ship had been given intel that someone wanted to do us harm.  We were going to be pier side, alone.  The XO asked me to hide an M-60 machine gun and ammo, somewhere high in the ship.  I was the only person to know where this was.  He said, if the ship is attack, I had free fire permission to defend the ship.  He also told me to hide a 1911A1 .45 in my bunk locker and a couple of concussion grenades, to help me get to the M-60.  I told the XO, we have a security force.  Hos reply was, we need more if we are attacked.

That level of trust in me was one of the factors that lead me to re-enlist!  I was a trusted member of the Command and that motivated me.  That Executive Officer was a great leader and I was honored to serve with him.  He lead many men to re-enlist in a time of low retention.

His name is Commander Marvin Bucholz.  He was an exceptional Leader and I wish to thank him for leading me to a good Navy career.  Without him, my entire life would have been very different.

Thanks Commander!!

Another person this exceptional Naval Officer saved is a fellow named Steve Turner!  Steve had a hard start in the Navy because of poor leadership!  When I reported to the USS Stein, for my second tour, I was told Steve was on his way out.  They were going to "Bottom Blow" him.  Steve was different, but very intelligent and he had a good grasp of how the Navy should be run.  He believed in that ideal that the rules pertain to everyone.  He and I hit it off great.  He worked hard for me and NEVER let me down.  Commander Bucholz saw that too.  He began to include Steve in the h"Human Resources Committee", an outcropping of Admiral Zumwalt's initiative to rebuild the Navy.  That action alone made Steve like the Navy!  One evening, as we lay in our bunks, Steve slept below me, he asked me;  What system would you reenlist for?  I almost fell out of my rack!  He reenlisted for MK 13 Missile Launcher training, had a great career, and retired as a Senior Chief Gunner's Mate!!

Another great job Commander, and there are many more!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I want as a memorial when I die

I am a ship riding, fleet Gunner's Mate! I was ship's company on FIVE Tin Cans!  All 5"/54 ships.  I served in Vietnam, Lebanon twice, Jordan, the Persian Gulf, El Salvador, and Cold War Operations above the 55th Parallel on the Pacific side.

The United States Navy helped make me a successful adult.  After I too off my War Suit, I became a Civil Servant at NAVSEACENLANT first as a Tech Rep and then as a Supervisor.  I was involved in the recovery of the USS Cole, and other important operations including leading a repair team for the MCM's in Bahrain before I retired.

I love Navy ships.  I love the American Blue Jacket.  I love Navy tradition and Pomp and Circumstance.  I love Gun Salutes, Standing Quarterdeck Watches, Sea Detail, Gunnery firing, and Mid-Rats!  It pains me that Navy tradition is being cast aside for the sole purpose of Political Correctness!   One of those changes that I mourn is the removal of urinals from Male Heads on ships and ashore!

Here at Azalea Trace, where we live, there is a special tradition of planting a tree in Memory of someone who passes.  A plaque is placed near the tree to commemorate that planting.  It is a nice way to remember someone.  But, it is not for me.

I want a URINAL in the Main Lobby Men's Room dedicated in memory of me when I pass away!!!   Since I like using urinals, and I like the tradition of urinals, it will only be fitting.  So, Azalea Trace and my friends, that is my request!!  The ball is in your court.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Things I know, that I need to tell you about!

There are some historical facts that I know and have first or second hand knowledge about, that the media and those who write the history have misrepresented.  I have held out on many of these items because of the obvious retribution I might incur.  But, since my long term memory is beginning to fade, I do not want to hold these issues any longer.

For instance, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution was based on an attack by the North Vietnamese Navy on the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy.  I worked for the Mount Captain of Mount 51 on the USS Maddox.  He told me, they were shooting rapid fire at  empty water.  There were NO ships or boats in the water except them and the Turrner Joy.  Captain, Dick Stratton, then a LCDR, was flying Surface Combat Action Patrol (SUCAP) off a Carrier I now forget.  He was ordered to roll in and support the two US Ships under attack.  When he cleared the cloud layer, the only two ships were Maddox and Turner Joy.  No wreckage, nor oil slicks, nothing.  When he returned to the Carrier, two men, in Khakis, without collar devices, came to his stateroom and told him exactly what he saw!  In other words, he was told to lie about the North Vietnamese craft attacking the two American ships in international waters!  The entire thing was a lie.  By the way, shortly after that, Captain Stratton had a 2.75 in. Zuni rocket pod malfunction and he fodder his engine over North Vietnam and was captured.  He spent many years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton!

Second, Admiral Boorda did NOT commit suicide.  You do not commit by shooting yourself TWICE in the chest!!  Additionally, I knew Admiral Boorda personally.  He was a man of character and courage.  He would not decide to commit suicide over a inappropriate medal issue.  The day he died, he was scheduled to talk to Congress about "Women at Sea".  I wonder what he was going to tell them?

Third,  President John Kennedy was killed by the shooter on the hill, not Lee Harvey Oswald, I saw it happen!  I was in Newton D. Baker Junior High School, Cleveland Ohio, when President Kennedy was assassinated.  We were sent to our Home Rooms and the television was on.  A video of the shooting was on CBS news.  There was a shot from the grassy knoll in front of the President's car.  His head moved backwards, as it would if he was shot from the front.  The "Magic Bullet" theory was BS.  Also, every member of the Warren Commission died of suspicious causes.  The last was Senator Arlen Spector.  President Ford almost spilled the truth when he made his "Whip Inflation Now" speech!

Fourth,  The explosion on the USS Wisconsin (BB 64) in Turret Two, was not an accident.  More on this at another time.  I am not that close to the end, yet.

History is written by the victors!  And since the Progressives are winning, they are rewriting History to suit their agenda!  You should know the truth.

Friday, July 24, 2015

No more married Military Members!

That's what a number of Congressmen and Senators are proposing!   They do not want to pay the Basic Allowance for Housing to both individuals if they are on Active Duty!  The new law Congress is pressing for is only one member can draw BAH!!

My first thought was;  BAH is an entitlement, not a benefit or additional pay.  My second, and more important thought is;  The immoral BASTARDS in our government want our groups living in sin and having little Bastard children to propagate the immoral society they are building!

Why get married if it is going to cost you $10K of tax free money a year?!!

This cannot be a budget driven item.  We waste much more money that we spend on dual BAH!  Just make the President and his family trail on the same plane for their vacations!!  That would make up for the dual BAH for a long time.

No, the progressives are going after traditional marriage in everyday they can.  And hitting our enlisted Military Members in the pocket book is their best play at making marriage obsolete!

I am physically sickened by what I see in Washington, in Uniform and in Brooks Brother's Suits!!  But what makes me even more repulsed is that Americans stand idly by and watch this happen with out a whimper!  We really are defeated and without the courage to stand up for what is right!!  Shame on us!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Navy life!!

I live in a retirement community called Azalea Trace in Florida.  I am the only Master Chief that lives here.  We do have so many O-6's that you can't swing a Cat (of nine tails) without hitting one.  Most of the Officers here are Army and Air Force and most of them are the guys in the rear with the beer and the gear!  We also have three Airdale Admirals.  So, you can quickly see no one here understands the reality of life on a surface ship.  I say I am a Master Chief Gunner's Mate and NO ONE know what that is!!

Let me add another group of people that do not understand the reality of Navy life.  When I was a GS-13 at NAVSEACENLANT or whatever their name is now, a senior civilian in the personal trade came to my office to explain to me why we should not pay our people overtime when they are underway on Navy ships.  This senior civil servant told me that all U.S. Navy ships pull into port every night so our folks are not denied anything!  Really!!  This person was a GS-14!!

The fact is, if you never served on a Destroyer Cruiser, Battleship, Amphibious Ship, Minesweeper, PG, or other Surface Combatant, you have no idea what we go through.  And, I might add, if you did not serve in the surface Navy before the invention of the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants, you have a tainted view of Navy life underway!!

My own family members still do not believe me when I explain the hardships of life at sea.  Most non U.S. Navy ship owners think we live a life of luxury with private berthing cabins, white linen on the tables and and servants at our beckon call.

Now, our own Senators say we don't pay enough for our medical care and that we are paid too much!

America is populated with pink silk pantie wearing, limp wrist, overweight, pussies with soft hands, that drink water when ever they walk to get the mail!!

The few of us who volunteer to join the Navy are special and we earn the benefits the Government promises us when we enlist.  Serving on Submarines, Surface Combatants, and possibly even, Aircraft Carriers, do a tremendous job working endless hours and living without the basic privacy everyone else expects.  Just think about it, sleeping right next to someone, showering with 10 others, and having your laundry done in a big bag of 60 peoples skivvies!!

Navy Life is anything by luxurious.  Even with Reverse Osmosis plants!!