The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Soviet Navy is rebuilt!

Today, on Drudge, which is the Nation's news, I read a good article announcing the rebuilding pf the Russian Black Sea Fleet.  Since annexing the Crimean Peninsula, the Russians have transferred new, more capable submarines, Anti-Submarine ships, and Anti-Aircraft ships to the Black Sea.  This along with an enhanced Marine presence, shows, without any cover, the aggression planned by the Soviet Union.

While our Nation has been decommissioning and scrapping, almost new, extremely capable ASW, AAW, and Cruise Missile firing surface ships and nuclear powered attack and FBM Missile submarines.  These ships, ALL OF THEM, have been scrapped, disassembled, or sunk!! NONE of them are in a reserve status!!  There is nothing n the bank when it comes to Naval combat vessels.

But, you should ask yourself the question; Why are the Russians (Soviets) and the Red Chinese, and the North Koreans, and the Iranians, building an offensive, blue water navy?  The answer, if you are rational and do not have your head in the sand is, to defeat America and rule the world!!

I know some of you disagree.  That's OK, but look at history.  Nations build offensive navies to rule the waterways of the world in preparation for a war against a common enemy.  America is that enemy.

Also, the old saying; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." applies to the relationship between the radical Islamists and the World Communist Coalition.  Are they working together?  Let me answer that with a question.  Who supplies the weapons for every Radical Islamic incursion in the world?  The Communist Coalition.

America stands alone.  Yes, the British empire is our ally.  But they are a limp wrested, powerless, group of ancient thinkers with old weapons, attics, and no money!  No, we are alone in the fight against the world and our leaders, military and civilian, have been getting us ready to be defeated since Ronald Reagan left office!!

What do we do?  Hell, I don't know.  I am an old, retired, Master Chief Gunner' Mate.  My first reaction is to lunch someone in the nose!  That maybe the IS answer.  Go find a Communist bully and punch him in the nose to see what happens.  It is better than doing nothing!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My 500th post!

I am amazed that I have written 500 posts!  I am equally amazed that my mental wanderings have been read over 135,000 times!  For all of this, I thank all of you.

I am a gruff, set in my ways, opinionated, hardheaded, supporter of the Navy and a unabashed patriot.  I fully support and WILL defend the Constitution of the United States against anyone, anytime.  Even at 63!!

I owe the Navy much of my success in life.  If you read my first few posts you know I made many mistakes as a young person.  The Navy accepted me as I was and then molded me into something useful.  Yes, the people that raised me had much to do with that.  But remember being a teenager?  I was the quintessential teenager!!  Boy, am I glad Judge Gagliardo came along.

My love of the Navy and America has been the topics of many of my posts.  I do not apologize for that.  I also write this blog from my prospective.  How I see the topics of the day or the past.  I am not one who agrees that today is better than yesterday.  Progress and change are not always good or profitable.    One example of that is the not so new Navy camp uniform.  That decision was made for anything but, sound, operational, reasons!!

Another thing I have written about, briefly, is the progression of my disease.   If you missed that post, I have Lewy Body Dementia.  It is progressing, getting worse, and it traps me in my memories of my past.  I write extensively and openly, in my other blog.  The point here is, both of these blogs are a therapy for me.  My wife got me started writing these blogs after I was diagnosed.  She and my Neurologist thought it would help me deal with the progression of my disease.  It has!

So, thanks to all of you for helping me, being there of me, and telling me what you think through you comments.   All of you keep me going and I appreciate each of you.

Everybody wants to be mainstream, if mainstream would only change!

That's right, everyone wants to be mainstream, if ONLY those in the mainstream would change their standards!!  Women were first.  We want to do everything the men do!!  OK!  Oh we need the weight PRT standards changed because we are DIFFERENT!!  Then there were the Homosexuals.  But they want to have Gay men berth and shower with straight women!!  Or, they want their own head facilities.  Then there were the Transexuals!  Again, more concessions.  During all this foolishness and debauchery, the Navy did away with urinals in Men's heads.  Why?

Now, as I wrote a day or so ago, some wacko, supposedly representing the Native American community wants the Navy and Coast guard to drop the use of the word "Chief"!!  I made my case against this in my last post.  But, the point of this post is, if a group, out of the mainstream, wants to join the mainstream, isn't it their RESPONSIBILITY to make the grade, meet the standards, and show they are capable of being part of the mainstream?

Other groups that were excluded from the club made the grade.  As a matter of fact, many that were once excluded, exceeded the standards and showed those in the mainstream they were wrong.

Second.  Changing the rules to get you in does not make you part of the team!!  It only makes you an outcast.  Someone that all are suspicious of.

Third.  Making the mainstream the villain only lowers the entire team's abilities.

And last.  We have had Women, Gays, Transexuals, Native Americans, and every other different group serving in the Navy since 1776!  They served with distinction and honor.  But, they made the team on their merits.  Not on a wavier.

So, stop trying to change my Navy and join it.  The Navy as a organization and a fraternity will embrace you if you honestly try to meet our standards.   We will welcome you, help you, teach you, encourage you, and finally, accept you.  YOU need to change your attitude, not us.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is the title "Chief" racially insensitive?

One of my friends and past shipmates, Chuck Morton, sent me an article that states that the Native Americans considered the Navy and Coast Guard enlisted rating of Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief Petty Officer "racially insensitive".

I disagree with this assessment.  I served with numerous Native Americans.  One, a Master Chief Gas Turbines Technician was one of the Master Chiefs that served as the Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  Jerry is the Chairman of the Oneida Tribe.    Jerry has a Master's Degree in Education and upon his retirement from the Navy, he told me he was going back to his Reservation to help his people.  He was a proud Navy Master Chief and a proud Native American.  He educated me and many other Navy members on the traditions of the Native Americans.  Never did Jerry ever say he was ashamed to be a Master Chief.

It seems to me that there is a desire in some quarters, to pick fights, raise anger, and cause distrust, between anyone or any group, that is different, in anyway.  I am not an Native American.  But I respect their tradition and their community.  I do not believe that the Navy and Coast Guard Senior Enlisted Ratings of Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief, denigrate the Native American community in any way.  As a matter of fact, I believe it honors their traditions of leadership raised from the family and the community.

In the Navy and Coast Guard, our Enlisted Leaders start at the bottom.  We have to travel through the numerous trials and troubles of each step in the growth of our experience base.  Only the BEST become Chiefs.  I might remind you that by law, only 10% of the Navy enlisted community can serve as Chiefs.  Only 3% can serve as Senior Chiefs, and only 1% can serve as Master Chiefs.  This certainly ensures the quality of our senior enlisted leadership.  A Master Chief has gone through all the trials that the men and women he or she is now leading are going through.  The fact is, I never expected anyone to do something that I did not do before them.

I believe, that is the same process followed in the Native American community.  If I am wrong, I encourage someone from the Native American community to correct me and I will publish that correction immediately.

Some people, that pride themselves on stirring up trouble where there is none, are at it again with this unwarranted attack on the Navy and Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer community.  I hope this post hits them right square in their collective eye!!

Also, I would love to hear Master Chief Jerry Danforth's views on this topic.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Corrections, Mistakes, and memory failurem

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about an shipmate that was on the Forrestal for her big fire, the Belknap when she hit the USS Kennedy and I thought, the USS Frank E. Evans when she was hit by an Australian Carrier.  Well, a member of the Evans crew informed me I was wrong.  Alan Ackley was not on the Evans.  For that memory failure, I am sorry.  But, everyone must remember that I am in the middle stages of Lewy Body Dementia.  So, I can and do make memory mistakes.  I am sorry though.  and, a bit embarrassed.

But, there is a good side to this story.  I also, recently, received a comment from Al Ackley!!  Not, someone, a long time ago, told me Al was no longer with us.  But, that person was wrong.  Al is alive and well!!  The last time I saw Master Chief Ackley was in Bahrain, in 1988!!

It is also great to know he rereads my blog.  Al, great to hear from you and I hope you are doing well.

Again, I openly admit that my memory is not as good as it once was.  And I will always admit my mistakes and apologize when given a correction.  In this case, Coffee from the USS Evans helped me get the right information.

My memories of my Naval Career are precious to me as are the shipmates I served with.  Thanks for being there then and now. - Don;

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

China believes they can defeat America!

 I read an article on "Drudge" today that stated; China believes they can defeat America.  OK.  I guess I have not defense for that statement!  China is a formidable foe with a nuclear threat and the will to use it.  The are building a "Blue Water" Navy including nuclear powered submarines.  They have exponentially more people than we do, so troop losses are not a problem.  And they have an almost endless supply of military men, because they are a Communist country that requires the populace to do what they are told!  Yes, China has all the aces in their hand.  And, they ally, Russia, lead by a retired KGM operative, is a formidable foe also.  Have you checked there Navy lately?  They have built a first rate "Blue Water"navy including nuclear powered cruisers and twice as many attack submarines as we have.

The Progressives, have completely demolished our Navy.  And we are downsizing our entire military!  And, even if we kept manpower levels at the 2014 levels, only 1% of Americans ever serve in the Military!!  We have no mandatory service.  And reports I read state that the vast majority of our young people do not qualify for military service because they are grosly over weight, addicted to drugs, and stupid.   Judging from what I see, they cannot follow orders either!

Again, China has us there too!

Then there is the financial issue.  China holds much of our debt.  If they ever call in their note, we would be bankrupt!!  This may be to our advantage.  China gets some loan repayment from us.  If they attack us, that would stop.  Ah!! I see the plan.  Be in debt to our enemies and pay them the monthly payment.  Tell them if they attack us, we will stop paying!  Sort of a financial defense!!  It may work.  And, it appears it is the only defense we have.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


With a hurricane bearing down on the east coast, I am reminded of a Hurricane that effected those of us on the USS Caron (DD 970) as we were under repair in a local shipyard in Norfolk Virginia.

We were floating, but had numerous holes cut in the hull, above the waterline.  So, getting underway was out of the question.   Just the same, we had to stay aboard to provide damage control protection for the ship.  The entire crew stayed aboard.  We had not been eating aboard, so the first order of business was to get the Galley up and operating.  That required cleaning all the yard dust off the Galley equipment.  I gathered the Chiefs in the CPO Quarters and we made a plan.  The first meal was dinner.  AL Williams, our Chief Stewburner decided scrambled eggs, steak, and waffles was the easiest meal to prepare.  We also decided the Chiefs would prepare the meal with Al's direction, while the cooks and mess cooks cleaned and broke out provisions!

We all "Turned Two" and soon a delicious dinner was being served.  We probably had three hours from notification to serving!!  I remember Dave Kelly, our Chief Hull Technician, cooking scrambled eggs on the big griddle.  He was sweating profusely!!  I told Dave, don't put any salt in the eggs!  He asked me why?  Then I said, your sweat is salty enough!!

We had a great time getting that meal prepared and served!  It was a time of great team work and camaraderie.  I miss those days and things like this hurricane bring those memories back to life.

Dave Kelly is no longer with us.  I lost track of Al Williams, but many of the other Chiefs are still around and we are in contact.  Thanks Shipmates!!