The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Bye!

The time has come for me to stop writing posts for "The Master Chief's Lair".  I began writing this blog.  Why?  First of all because I have progressed further down the road on my journey with Lewy Body Dementia.  And that disease is not seriously impacting my judgement and my short and long memory.  Truthfully, I am out of "Sea Stories" and personal experiences to write about.  And, the loss of my social filters leaves me vulnerable to write thongs about people and events that I should not write.  Finally, I simply do not have the mental energy to write both blogs and I want to continue to record everything I can about my LBD journey, until I am unable to write anymore.

I have had fun writing this blog and I appreciate each of you reading and commenting on my posts.  We did not always disagree and I respect the views and positions of those who did diskette with me.  I will admit I may have been wrong a few times.   But, I hope I was always accurate to my own memory of my life.

This was my way of telling my Navy story and telling you about some of the wonderful professionals I had the honor and pleasure to serve with.  Everyone I served with taught me something valuable.  Everyone I worked with after I retired from Active Service did the same.

Many of my shipmates have gone on to their reward.  James Smith, Vern Van Matre, Harold Wheeler, Bill Mowery, Dave Kelly, Larry Boyette, Tim Melody, John McGinn, Kevin Flynn, Kenny Colden, Hank Sahut, Silas Marshall, George Russell, Jerry Hudson, and many more that now escape recollection.  Others still are there for me and keep in contact and for that I am appreciative.

Again, I will continue to write the LBD Blog (Sharing my Life with Lewy Body Dementia) as long as I can.  But even that has become difficult and sensitive for me.  

Take care of yourselves.  Please try to keep in touch.  Never give up!!

Your friend and Shipmate to the end;
Don Dolence

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Veteran Suicide Epidemic!! Do you care?

The Head of the VA said after Desert Storm, that the NEVER expected so many of us to survive!!  They were shocked that we did and probably unhappy that we did!  And after we come home, the lack of care we receive, or better said, do not receive, is making us, the Veteran Community, to realize that no one really care about us and in fact, those in power in our Government, actually wish we would just shut up and die!!  And that is what we are doing, committing suicide!  That is what the Government wants isn't it?!

I have my Wife and my best friends Jerry and Marcia who care deeply for me.  SO I am better off than most.   But still, I know no one in the VA or any other Governmental agency gives a darn about me.  My Congressman, Jeff Miller, who is the Chair of the House Veteran's Affairs Sub-Committee has done NOTHING FOR ME!!

When you see a Vet committee suicide it is because He or She has finally given in t the fact that no on in our Country cares about them.  If you did, you would hold Congress, the VA, and the President accountable.  But, you don't!  As long as you are comfortable, the Vets are someone else problem.    Maybe we should start committing suicide on your front porch!!  Or in your living room!! Or, in your Church Club that you attend every Sunday!   But sadly, even that would not shake you from your comfort zone.  So here is the plan:

You comfortable, well off, never did anything to defend America, landed Gentry morons defend America from the Islamists.  We quit!!  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We learned a lot in the Navy!

I was on a trip to visit relatives in the Midwest.  Nice visit, but I had a past lesson renewed.   We learned a lot in the Navy!!   But it stands to reason since we had to do everything on our ship!  There was no one else!   And, with the exception of Warrant Officers and Line Officers that stayed in the Engine Rooms, I never knew an Officer that could fix a damn thing!!!

But I knew plenty of Enlisted Men who could troubleshoot complicated electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic systems, while under extreme pressure, like; "This thing is going to BLOW UP any minute", type of stress!

For instance, I commissioned the USS Leftwich and worked day and night, in port and at sea, to keep two MK 45 gun mounts, made by GE, running.  Both of these Gun Mounts were NOT manufactured with the latest changes because FMC had not provided that info to GE when they won the contract to compete with FMC!   The result was, I worked 20 hours a day, to figure out the hidden issues in these sub-par gun mounts.  Did my Divo or Department Head help.  Help?!  They never understood what the issues were.  And the Captain of the ship did not even know we did not have manually controlled gun mounts!! TRUE!!  Not to mention he ordered me to violate publishes Ordnance Safety Precautions!!

Then there is Damage Control!  I knew DC like the back of my hand.   Most good Chiefs did.  I knew all the deck rigging, including refueling rigs.  I could splice like, wire rope, drive boats, lower and recover boats, and do all of this safely.  Try that Sir!

But, being up in the Midwest reinforced to me that the majority of Americans are with uninformed or totally stupid.  People who do not know we are almost $20 billion in National Debt sold not be allowed to vote!!  People that do not know out Nation's Military is a mere shell of itself, not to mention we have the smallest Navy since before World War I, should have their Citizenship revoked.  People that do not know the difference between a person who migrates to our country legally, using the laws of America to gain legal access and employment and the person who snuck into our Country and hides in the shadows, not paying taxes but getting all the benefits of America, should be deported themselves!!  When did Americans get so stupid?!

The man who raised me quit school in the Sixth Grade to work the family farm.  Yet, he was very intelligent and very informed!!  He read the news like his life depended on it!  And it did.  But now, Americans watch "Naked and Afraid" or "America has Talent".  And they get their news from the American Communist Party, commonly called the Democratic Party.  No one knows American History.  They only know what the NBC, CBS, ABC, and NPR talking heads tell them.

I know how to do things on Navy ships that today's engineers don't understand.  And I know when someone is pissing down my neck and telling me it is raining!!  How about you? Is your color wet?  From what?!  Are you sure?!  I doubt it!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Miss handling of Classified data

If I lost one classified Tech Manual or Message, if the CMS Custodian lost one classified change, if we lost a burn bag during the burn run, or if one "For Official Use Only" document turned up in the trash the MAA had to search before it was dumped over the stream, someone's career was done!

I know a Gunner's Mate Missiles, that used to be a Cryptologist.  He went to China with President Nixon as a CT.  He married a foreign National and "BOOM" he was no longer a CT!!

Look folks, the rules do not apply equally in our Country any more!!  And if you vote for Hillary Clinton, if there even is an election, you are voting to Communism in America!!

I don't care if you agree or like what I am saying, I speak the truth!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Transgenders in the Military

You know I do not agree with Homosexuals in the Military.  I do not agree with people having sexual changes.  I do not agree with Sexual Orientation being you choice of which head you use.

But, this Transgender thing may be good.  How?  Well, in my case, I lie women.  I like to look at naked women, see them shower, see them in their skivvies, watch them bend over to put their pants on!  So, since I am a smart Heterosexual man, I would start to grow my hair long, put on a little make up, wear ping frilly skivvies, and maybe even get a bra with some padding.  Then, they will let me live in the Female birthing and use the Female Head and Showers!!  I will be in Heterosexual Male heaven!!

Sounds like a great idea to me!!  Oops!  I am married.  Then I am against this Transgender thing!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The reality of the Navy's Personnel Management

Before I was the Gunner's Mate Detailer, I had no idea how BUPERS did anything.  I thought the Detailer was in total control of every manning decision.  I thought he decided who got personnel and who didn't.  Boy was I surprised when I got the BUPERS.

Let me explain this with a story.  One day, Captain Paul Sovey, NAVSEA 62Y1, Head of Naval Gunnery, called me and told me to be at a meeting at an office building close to my offices.  I forget the name of the building, but I go there and went to the assigned floor and room.  He never told me the reason for the meeting.

In that room was three Admirals, more Captains than I could count, and Commanders serving coffee!  There were some vert senior Civilians in the Ordnance world that I recognized.  I thought that was the wrong room for me since I was the ONLY Enlisted Person within ten floors!! So, I walked past the door and headed out to find where I really belonged.  Captain Sovey came out and caught me and told me to get a cup of coffee and find a seat.

I sat in the back of the room, next to Big John Morris.  I found out eh meeting was being chaired by the Head of the Naval Supply System, and the two other Flags were Cruiser Destroyer Group Commanders.  The topics of the meeting was the dependability of the MK 42 and MK 45 Gun Mounts.  The presenter was a Supply Commander from SPCC Mechanicsburg.  He had a very slick presentation that was full of bullshit!  And when the Supply Admiral asked him why he did not delineate between the MK 42 and MK 45 Gun Mounts, he replied; "They are the same Gun Mount.  One is just newer!"  Well, me being a hard headed Senior Chief, who had all the tact God originally issues me, I raised my hand to be heard.  The Supply Admiral looked and me and said; "Who are you!?"  I introduced myself and politely, for me, told the Admiral; "The only thing the same between the MK 42 and the MK 45 is the projectile!"  The Admiral turned to Captain Sovey and asked: "Is this true?'  Captain Sovey said it was and the Admiral told the Supply Commander;  "You finished, Sit Down!"

Later, the discussion turned to manning and Captain Sovey said; "That os why I brought Senior Chief Dolence."  I explained that EPMAC had just deleted all of the GMGC billets on all of the MK 42 and MK 45 ships!  The two Group Admirals jumped out of their skin!!  They said, almost in unison; "You mean we will have 20 of these ships and no Chief's?"  I replied Yes.  Then they asked me how I let this happen?

My real explains how little people know about the Navy's personnel management.  Over the Admiral's Desk in BUPERS used to be a sign that said: "Anyone who likes Hot Dogs and the Navy's Personnel Policies should NOT see any of them made!"   This is the total truth.

The N1, Personnel Head, of CINCLANT and CINCPAC Fleet make all of the manning decisions.  They set manning levels based on deployments, and other magic formulas only they know.  Then, they tell EPMAC the build the requisitions that the detailers fill.

I told those Admirals they needed to contact their Fleet Commanders about this topic and that was it.  A month later, in the new requisition cycle, there were GMGC billets for all of the MK 42 and MK 45 ships on both coasts!!!  Evidently those two Admirals talked to their Fleet Commanders.  And evidently the wisdom and planning of Captain Paul Sovey worked like a charm!!  Sometime being devious is better than being powerful!

Monday, June 20, 2016


I was the GMG Detailer from 1980 to 1983.  That was truly the best job I had in the Navy because I got to help other Gunner's Mates promote!  I sent more young and not so young Gunner's Mates to "C" School and then sent them to billets that helped them promote.  The rest was up to them!  And, many of them took advantage of the opportunities and performed above and beyond and that got them promoted.

But, funny things happened there also.  One day, GMGC Gene Veldhouse answered the telephone and got into a heated discussion with the Commanding Officer of a ship.  The conversation got to a point that Gene needed to pass the call to our Branch Master Chief.  So, Gene said:  "Captain, we have reached the point where i cannot help you.  Would you like to talk to our Two Star?"  The Captain, replied;  "Yes, I would like to talk to the Admiral."  Gene put the Captain on hold and said loudly;  "Master Chief, Line two!"  Without any warning, Master Chief Tisdale picked up Line two and ran smack into a pissed off Captain, who thought he was going to talk to an Admiral!  Master Chief Tisdale was not happy after that call, but Veldhouse was laughing!

When I first got to NMPC I was having difficulty navigating around D.C.  Many of us lived on the Base at Dahlgren, 63 miles from work!  It was a great place to live and we carpooled so it relieved the strain.  But, sometimes things happened.  Like, one morning, GMGC Jerry Hart was driving and the rest of us were sleeping,  I was in the front seat and I woke up, thinking we were close to work.  I saw a freeway sign go over hear that said; Gaither'sburg, next five exits!  I said to Jerry, where are we?  He said, I don't know, but it's pretty!

We got to work a little late!  Like...10:30!!  Master Chief Armstrong was upset, to say the least.    We all went to work and things calmed down.  But, at 11:30, I got up and started to walk out.  Master Chief Armstrong asked, BRUSQUELY;  Where are you going?   Lunch I replied.  I am hungry!!  He steamed!!!  But, I ate lunch.

Another funny thing happened to the Electronics's Technician Dertailer.  I don't remember his entire name, but his first name was Dick and he got angry because some shore command wanted to OP HOLD a sailor that had orders to an Aircraft Carrier.  Dick wrote an message telling the Command requesting the OPHOLD flame spraying them for asking to OPHOLD a sailor on Shore Duty, when that is not permitted in the BUPER's Manual, and referring to the fact that that request would short change a deploying Aircraft Carrier!  He intended to send the message to CINCLANT Fleet and everyone else!  He took that message to our Commander for release.  The Commander told Dick to rewrite the message and say: In response to ref A, ref B remains in effect.  In other words, transfer the sailor as we told you!!  Dick said Aye Aye!  Re wrote the message and the Commander released it.   

But, somehow, the original message was sent!!  Well, when our Commander figured that out, he was furious!!  He summoned Dick to his cubicle and was just about to rip his head off, when he received a telephone call from the N1 (Personnel) from CINCLANT Fleet.  The Captain personally commended our Commander for supporting the Fleet!!  The ass chewing was deferred!!

I enjoyed my time as the Gunner's Mate Detailer.  I believed I served the community and my fellow Gunner's Mates well and faithfully.  When I left NMPC, I went to sea on a Destroyer, deployed!!  So, I held myself to the same standard I held everyone else to.  No one can ask for anything more than that.  

I love the Navy and I loved being a Gunner's Mate.  I miss those days!!